I noticed this handy-dandy bike repair station near the lockups by the USM bookstore, and what a great idea! The Gear Hub is such a great local resource for cyclists, and this is just another great example. There’s a double hook to hold your bike while you work, a variety of commonly needed tools and even a tire pump! That seems to be the thing that every cyclist should own, but so many of my friends do not. I’m going to make it my mission to scrub the rust off these after it rains each time in the hope of preserving them as long as possible. After all, it’s just down the street.


Author: GoodToBLee

I live in Portland, Maine. I read a lot, I bike a lot. I have too many hobbies and I'm trying to cool out on that. I have a constant stream of consciousness going on in my mind, and oftentimes I find it picks up a theme. Sometimes it really runs with that theme and it will become a part of my life to one extent or another. I'm going to try to write about that, whatever that may prove to mean.

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