Starting on the XO-3

I’ve started work on this Bridgestone XO-3 that I got at the Portland Bike Swap this year. It needs a bit of TLC, but overall it seems to be in good condition…just filthy. And there are a few raggedy teeth on a couple sprockets, but we’ll deal with that as it comes up. I’m excited to ride it when all is said and done. Plus I sold all the bikes I sent to the swap so I’m planning to reward myself with a new B17 (my first!), and what better to start it on than a Grant Petersen design!


Author: GoodToBLee

I live in Portland, Maine. I read a lot, I bike a lot. I have too many hobbies and I'm trying to cool out on that. I have a constant stream of consciousness going on in my mind, and oftentimes I find it picks up a theme. Sometimes it really runs with that theme and it will become a part of my life to one extent or another. I'm going to try to write about that, whatever that may prove to mean.

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