Judi’s bar wraps were starting to fall apart, and I always found the bars to feel a bit too hard anyway, so I got some elk hide sew ups and I sewed them up. I really enjoy the feel so far, and I’m looking forward to how they darken up. I do feel like the hide is a little pocky and not particularly smooth, but I knew it was different than cow hide going in,

and I find them to be surprisingly soft and cushy for how thin they are. Plus I dig the look of of them.


Took an evening ride around Fredericton, NB tonight. I wandered along the riverside trails, took a careful detour through a darkened Odell Park, cruised through downtown where they were showing Raiders of the Lost Ark, and finally ended up at Tim Horton’s to watch a spider catch all the bugs outside the window.

Judi and I got around the Newcastle side of the Miramichi today and saw some of the sights. The curling club didn’t have any ice down for the season, so I wasn’t able to slap on a sticky shoe and sweep the ice. The folks inside were incredibly nice, though, and let me look around. French Fort Cove has a lovely park with some great hiking/biking trails. Overall a pleasant place to ride. Plus I got to ride over the other bridge in town, which my father-in-law always calls the Strawberry Marsh Bridge.

Got his Puch Classic that I’m planning to overhaul for a lovely baker from Big Sky. It’s a light, shimmery blue with gold accents, so after some discussion with the future owner I am planning to go for the gold! Gold cable housing, gold saddle, gold bar wraps. Some sexy new gumwall tires to round it out. I’m pretty excited. More to come after my week in Canada.