I finally took 30 minutes today to drill and lace my late 70’s Brooks B72, and it was worth every second. The holes could have been prettier, but it’s better than paying the $50 I was quoted by a leather worker in Deering Center!


Pictures taken of the Brooks B72 just before its first application of proofide. The saddle came off an old 70’s Raleigh Sport that my mom found in Oklahoma. It’s a little dry but not brittle. It looks like the tensioning bolt has never been touched. The first proofide went on January 2, 2016. That one was fairly heavy, top & underside. I did another light application on January 6. After that I put it on my JC Higgins 3-Speed, Frank the Tank, and started tentatively riding it around the neighborhood. Once I tensioned the saddle a tiny bit it started to feel great, and I’ve done very little to it since. I’ve continued to ride it and have not noticed any deleterious effects thus far. It does flair out a bit along the sides, so I’m thinking of punching some holes and lacing it. Still not sure about that, though.