Overhauling Judi’s Freewheel

While I was working in the attic with Ezra he noticed that Judi was quite rusty in parts, mainly because I put her away without properly scrubbing everything down. And so I took apart her drivetrain and he helped me scrub. But when I went to reassemble the rear wheel I noticed that it felt a little loose and wobbly. The middle gears had felt a little strange when riding lately, and that explains it. So I took apart the freewheel and overhauled it. Now it is running smoothly.

Judi’s bar wraps were starting to fall apart, and I always found the bars to feel a bit too hard anyway, so I got some elk hide sew ups and I sewed them up. I really enjoy the feel so far, and I’m looking forward to how they darken up. I do feel like the hide is a little pocky and not particularly smooth, but I knew it was different than cow hide going in,

and I find them to be surprisingly soft and cushy for how thin they are. Plus I dig the look of of them.

Judi and I got around the Newcastle side of the Miramichi today and saw some of the sights. The curling club didn’t have any ice down for the season, so I wasn’t able to slap on a sticky shoe and sweep the ice. The folks inside were incredibly nice, though, and let me look around. French Fort Cove has a lovely park with some great hiking/biking trails. Overall a pleasant place to ride. Plus I got to ride over the other bridge in town, which my father-in-law always calls the Strawberry Marsh Bridge.